Homemade Playdough


1 c. flour

1/2 cup salt

1 T. cooking oil

1 T. cream of tartar

1 c. water

Food coloring of your choice

Add-ins of your choice (i.e. spices, extracts, glitter, etc.)

Stir ingredients together well.  Just measure them into the saucepan you will be using to cook the dough, but mix them well before heating up the pan.  Over medium heat cook the dough, stirring constantly until it forms a ball.  (NOTE:  When it starts to pull away from the sides somewhat and clump together and most of the “wet-looking” parts look dry, it’s ready to remove from the pan.)  Turn dough onto a board (or the countertop) and knead until very smooth.  (NOTE:  It will be pretty warm to the touch, but try to knead it until it becomes a nice, smooth ball.  If it feels sticky, you can work a little more flour into it and it will be fine.)  Cool.  Store in a covered plastic container OR in a sealed ziploc bag.

When I add spices, I usually start with about a teaspoon (though I never actually use a spoon).  I just shake a bunch in until I think it’s going to produce the desired level of scent.  If you are adding an extract like vanilla or peppermint, for example, probably just a teaspoon will be enough, but you can experiment with a little more than that.  Also add gradually if you are doing glitter.  I would still start with only about a teaspoon and go from there.


******Dough of the Month Club*****

January–white dough with white glitter OR “snow dough” and a snowman or snowflake cutter;

February–pink dough with red glitter and a heart cutter

March–green dough with gold glitter and a shamrock cutter

 April–purple dough scented with lavendar oil and an egg cutter

May–yellow dough with lemon extract and a flower cutter

June–blue dough with a boat cutter

July–small balls of red, white and blue dough with a star cutter

August–yellow dough with gold glitter and a sun cutter

September–plain dough (no coloring) with apple pie spices and an apple cutter (or red dough with apple pie spices)

October–orange dough with pumpkin pie spices and a pumpkin cutter

November–orange or brown dough with pumpkin pie spices and a turkey cutter

December–gingerbread dough (use lots of cinnamon, allspice, ground cloves) with a gingerbread cutter OR green dough with peppermint extract and gold glitter and a tree cutter OR red dough with peppermint extract and gold glitter and a candy cane cutter.


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